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Last week my Uncle Jack passed from this life, gently in his sleep.
He was 95 1/2 years old and had been lovingly cared for on that last day of his life, as he had been for the past 6 years,
by JoJo and the staff at Carmel.
Both my first and last visit to Carmel were with tears in my eyes.
I remember well my first meeting with Israela and tour of the house that would become my Uncles home.
I apologized to her as the tears spilled down my cheeks and explained just how happy I was to have found Carmel, believing that it would be a great fit for Uncle Jack and that he would be safe and well cared for during his last years.
If you are reading this then you too know how heavy the care of someone you love weighs on your heart.
Those final years were not always easy but with every twist and turn in my Uncles health Carmel was there to help.
There is really no way to thank them enough.
My appreciation, especially to JoJo, is simply too big to put into words.
With enormous gratitude.
Patty Cali Ro****8en