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Senior Care in Los Angeles since 1989

As You Know My Mother-In-Law Has Been Living At One Of Your Residential Homes Since October 1998.

My Husband And I Were Novices To The Care If The Elderly When We Found Ourselves In Need Of A Place For Sarah, Who Suffers From Dementia. We Investigated Over Thirty Board And Care Facilities And Nursing Homes During The Summer And Fall Of 1998. The Facilities Were At All Ends Of The Spectrum: Large, Small, Clean, Soiled, Expensive And Moderately Priced. We Chose Carmel Because We Were Positively Impressed With Our Initial Interview And Visits With You And Your Staff At The Different Homes You Manage.

We Felt We Were Choosing Well, But Having Had No Personal Experience In This Arena, We Did Not Know The Complexities Involved And We Could Not Know If We Were Making The Right Choice.

It Is My Pleasure To Write This Letter To Share Our Feelings About Your Residential Care Facilities. Our Personal Experiences With Our Management Team Have Been Exceptional. They Are Professional And Knowledgeable And Current About Each Resident. They Are Totally Committed To And In Tune With The Many Aspects Of Geriatric Needs. While Sarah Suffers From Dementia, Other Residents Have Different Debilitating Health Issues. I Am Constantly Impressed With Each Visit To Sarah At How Versatile And Responsive The Caregivers Are With Each Resident. The Concern And Understanding Given To Each Individual Is Extraordinary. Besides The Love And Support Sarah Id Given, She Is Clean And Well-Groomed; She Is Treated With Dignity And Kindness And Respect By The Caregivers; She Receives Excellent Attention And Custodial Care; She Is The Best That She Can Be Under The Circumstances Of Her Illness.

The Facilities Are Always Immaculate. The Cleanliness And Neat Interior Of The Homes Is A Measure Of The Overall Attention To Detail Given Buy The Management And Staff. The Homes Are Very Cheerful, Decorated And Maintained With Current Photos Of The Residents. The Meals Are Prepared From Scratch And Are Highly Nutritious With Concern For Individual Dietary Needs And An Overall Attempt To Keep The Food Low In Sodium And Sugar. The Food Is Delicious (Speaking From Experience!). The Safety Measures That Are In Place Are Impressive – Buzzers Sound Whenever Any Door Is Opened. There Is Constant Monitoring Of The Medicines Of Each Resident; It Has Been Our Experience That The Caregivers Notice A Need For A Modification Of The Pharmaceuticals Even Before The Attending Physicians.

Leonard And I Feel Extraordinarily Lucky To Have Found Your Organization And We Feel Privileged To Have Sarah As A Resident.

Pamela Sch****er